History– A journey through time until 1260/61

First documented mention of the Striedolfingen guard tower (Ahnenherrn Striedolf clan), then in the possession of the Lindau Noble Ladies’ Association. It was then passed on as an estate held in fee to masters Rotenstain in Grönenbach.

The guard tower was expanded and made habitable. At this time, the possession of the estate was transferred to the Count of Montfort. Antique sand stone columns in the front of the building (today Schlössle Suite) with the inscription of year 1572 and the Montfort coat of arms are a testament to this face.

The estate was sold due to the well-known indebtedness of their Montfort descendants to the Grünenburg family, who managed the estate with animal husbandry and agriculture.

Maria Jäger, the great-grandmother of Alexandra Veh (née Jäger) made a living starting in 1901 as a maid working for the three childless siblings Grünenburg.

Marriage of Karl & Maria Jäger. The “Schlössle” with all accompanying farmlands was acquired by Karl and Maria Jäger for 70,000 gold marks.

Birth of son Karl Zacharias Jäger (1918-2007)

A cosy restaurant (“snuggery”) with fruit wine service was established and chestnuts were planted in what is today’s garden.

Montfort-Schlössle was leased to the Karl Jäger’s sister.

1945 – 1947
The castle stayed closed during the post-war turmoil.

Marriage of Karl Zacharias Jäger and Annemarie Jäger née Messmer

Karl Zacharias Jäger took over the Schlössle from his parents. Birth of Karl Andreas Jäger (1947 – 2003)

Renovation of Montfort-Schlössle to a country inn with guest rooms. That was very con-venient for that time, with hot and cold running water and a shared WC on the floor.

Marriage of Karl Andreas Jäger to Christa Jäger née Reiter. They took over the surround-ing landscape and expanded them to become fruit orchards. Birth of daughter Alexandra Jäger

Major renovation of the country inn and the guest rooms. Embrasures are discovered here. Birth of son Achim Karl Jäger

Annemarie Jäger (née Messmer) died at age 63 from a heart attack.

After her training in the hospitality and hotel industry and some instructive years globe-trotting, Alexandra returned to Lindau. Urgent repairs and refurbishments to the building structure and hotel standards were required in order to ensure the further operation of Montfort-Schlössle. Alexandra took over the country inn from her grandfather Karl Zacha-rias Jäger. Then the “Schlössle” was restored from the bottom up for many years with its historical structure and carefully modernised, taking its protected monument status into account. The country inn Montfort-Schlössle was converted to seasonal operation (April – October). The annual refurbishment during the winter months makes the “Schlössle” the country inn with one of the most beautiful and most popular beer gardens at Lake Con-stance. The small family building creates a strong sense of well-being for the guests and is what brings many people back. Some of our regular guests for many years include: Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker with his family, Countess Marion Dönhoff (Head Editor & co-founder of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit), Carl Friedrich v. Weizsäcker (German physicist & philosopher), the Heisenberg family, Martin Thomann (Lindau painter) ….. and many more.

1999 – 2003
On December 26, 1999, the storm Lothar destroyed the entire roof. The second floor was completely refurbished with all rooms and brought up to the modern hotel standard with this renovation.

Refurbishment of the basement vault under the restaurant after a fire in the “sampling room” after the fire in the in-house distillery. Karl Andreas Jäger died of a heart attack at only 56.

Drainage of the entire foundation and installation of a drainage system.

Karl Zacharias Jäger died at age 89

The start of a love story…. Alexandra and Peter became a couple. After 20 years, Peter Veh had experienced many phases of life in Italy, Hawaii and Hong Kong to then again settle down in his native town of Lindau. His design projects were also managed from here. In October, construction of the site he designed and planned, the Veh Studios, with apartments and offices, began. Alexandra and Peter were also in charge of the entire planning and implementation of the future direction of Montfort-Schlössle. It continues to carry their joint signature with all of the love and detail put into it.

The front part of the first floor was renovated to be what is the Schlössle Suite today. The reduced Alpine style is harmoniously integrated into the historical walls and is very popular among the guests.

Birth of son Tom

Total renovation of the restaurant of the adjacent “tiny room” (“Stüberl”) with exposure of the masonry. Consistent conversion of the kitchen for the use of regional and seasonal products. What the farmer harvests, the fisherman catches and the hunter captures is what goes onto the plate.

Renovation of the entire stairway and the Hotel rooms on the 1st floor. Here an embrasure was discovered in the earlier outer wall of the fortified tower.

The extremely cold winter caused three types of frost and water damage and this entailed a lot of work.

A new wood floor made of planed and nature-oiled oak also ensures a sense of well-being on the second floor and on the stairway as well.

The complete eastern wing on the first floors was completely renovated. A new junior suite and a double room with visible half-timbered wall were created, among other things. Following this work, Montfort-Schlössle was completely refurbished after eighteen years of renovations and since then has been run strictly as a hotel business.

Complete façade renovation. Exposure of the square wall stone blocks of the former forti-fied tower. The sample carved by the stonemason on every stand stone block proves that these corner stones were also visible in an earlier time. “It is our credo to give Montfort-Schlössle back its nobility. “Good things take time” – the dream of a small, individual coun-try hotel has now become a reality. We are proud of the fact that our “old idea” of all com-ing together and being happy has such power and such a strong aura in this magical place…and time will continue to write our story.

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